After the first weekend of Drew League do-or-die playoffs, the semifinal, championship games set

August 8, 2017

Los Angeles Southwest College was host to rounds one and two of the Drew League Playoffs last weekend, which set up this weekend for the championship game

The Drew League was packed with nonstop action over the weekend in one-and-done playoff matchups similar to the NCAA’s March Madness. Sixteen teams fought for their chance at the Drew League championship game this Sunday and only four remain.

Over the weekend fans got to see experienced teams like Houdini’s Problems triumph while newcomers like the Clozers collapsed under the pressure. Even squads with NBA players battled it out as James Harden and LAUNFD got passed Nick Young, JaVale McGee, and Julius Randle’s M.H.P. In either instance, the stars were out and the team’s best players balled out.

There was so much star power at the Drew that one got turned away. Socal’s own Paul George came out to support the Drew League playoffs and wanted to get in on the action. However, to keep things fair he wasn’t allowed to suit up since he hadn’t played in the regular season.

Some notable performances from the weekend included Malcolm Thomas’ 34-point game in a first-round win for the Citi Team Blazers. Drew League vet Baron Davis also put up 18 points for New Edition in a first-round loss against the Home Town Favorites. The Drew also saw a near triple-double from Antonio Biglow who scored 11 points, had 13 assists and six rebounds in the first round.

James Harden was a top performer in the second round and dropped 45 points on Swaggy P Julius Randle and JaVale McGee to close out the first weekend.

The semifinals are next. The 14-0 Birdies Revenge will take on the 13-1 Houdini’s problems before the Home Town Favorites take on LAUNFD in the final game of the night. Both the Home Town Favorites and LAUNFD are 9-5 on the season, but if Harden shows up to play, LAUNFD will be the favorites.

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