March 29, 2018

By Chris Rodriguez

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Why was the Canelo and GGG fight canceled?

Bob Bennet, the president of the NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) has officially filed a complaint against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. This means the fight is likely cancelled.
Over the last month lots of information has come out regarding boxing superstar, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Back in February when VADA (Voluntary Anti Doping Association) started their testing, Canelo failed back to back tests. When the news broke it sent shock waves through the boxing world and really sparked an outrage, especially for Gennady “GGG” Golovkin.
Last week Golovkin had choice words to say about NSAC, Golden Boy Promotions and especially Canelo. He called NSAC terrorists, and said that Canelo has been using performance enhancers for some time. He even used pictures of Canelo’s body, pointing out track marks from needles.
Following the remarks from Golovkin, NSAC did the unexpected and temporarily suspended Canelo, and is now investigating the matter. Recently, new information has surfaced that of the second failed drug test’s from Canelo, the first test revealed much higher level of Clenbuterol and would suggest that he would not have that much in his system simply from eating a tainted piece of meat. The second test which was taken 3 days later had much lower levels that are consistent with eating a tainted piece of meat.
That is where the controversy lies. How was it that in a three day time frame the levels were able to drop that much? Speculation would say that he might have used some type of masking agent drug to lower the levels. The thing is, no one knows what Canelo has or has not been taking since his last fight against Golovkin last September in 2017. We do not know if he was taking anything illegal during the down time when he knew he would not be tested. It is hard to believe that Canelo and his camp would make this kind of mistake with tainted meat, especially when Canelo’s trainers are butchers and they all live in Mexico and are well aware of the meat issues.
April 10th is the day scheduled for NSAC, Canelo and his camp and Golovkin and his camp to meet up and discuss this dilemma. As of now promotion has completely stopped and MGM Grand has already refunded money to all the customers that have bought tickets to their upcoming May bout. Hopefully they can work something out but it looks like Golovkin will need a new opponent to face on Cinco De Mayo weekend but it is Vegas and they always follow the money.

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