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“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”

                                                  – John Wooden


Kaylin “KB” Brown

Kaylin “KB” Brown, a native of View Park, Ca, has been playing basketball since the age of four. She also played AYSO soccer and softball.  In middle school, Kaylin caught the attention of basketball coaches because of her pure three-point shot, which helped her lead Crossroad’s team to a championship title over Windward in the 7th grade.

In the 8th grade, her long-time friend, coach and trainer, Sherisse Smith, told her that she had to make a decision on which sport she was going to dedicate herself to and she chose basketball.  Upon graduating from middle school, Kaylin was accepted into Mater-Dei High School, Serra High School and St. Bernard.  Kaylin’s father thought it was best that she attended St. Bernard High where she would play with the likes of Chyanne Butler (University of Houston), Lajahna Drummer (UCLA), Michelle Curry (UC Riverside), and Imani Jackson (Michigan) but unfortunately the head coach was released and majority of the team transferred to different schools throughout the Southland.

Kaylin stayed at St. Bernard and was coached under UCLA legend Michelle Greco before transferring a year later to Leuzinger High School. There she was under the coaching staff of Bo Corona who brought the girls’ program from a struggling 1-17 team to a 16-win team in Kaylin’s junior year giving Leuzinger its first home playoff game in more than 10 years.

Kaylin and her mom relocated so she had to transfer schools again.  She attended Fairfax High School and finished her senior year under the coaching staff of Cory Thomas who was later replaced by Judi Edwards, who came out of retirement mid-season. Edwards coached Kaylin’s senior year team to a CIF City Open Division Championship.

Kaylin shot a three-point shot with 12 seconds left in regulation to tie the game against Palisades High, the reigning champs for the last two years, to take the game into overtime and help the team win, 82-80.

Kaylin ended her senior year with a 3.5 GPA, and a CIF open Division championship but was passed over for a basketball scholarship. However, she was accepted into several universities academically.

Her passion is basketball and she is determined to get to the next level so Coach Morgan at Los Angeles Trade Tech, who knew who she was, took her under his wing and is preparing her to get to the next level.  Kaylin is hoping to get another championship under her belt by bringing a title to L.A. Trade Tech.  Kaylin is a loyal Sparks and Lakers fan and plans to be a sports broadcaster/analyst.

Kaylin is a loyal Sparks and Lakers fan and plans to be a sports broadcaster and analyst.

“Talent is God-given–be humble. Fame is man given–be grateful. Conceit is self-given–be careful.”

                                                                                                                   – John Wooden

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