Conor McGregor measures up to Floyd Mayweather in Boxing debut

August 27, 2017

By Asha Doucet

Conor McGregor may have lost his boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather, but he gained respect for his performance.

Many people expected the Mayweather–McGregor fight to be a waste of time and money. It was called a joke and a farce. I admit, as someone who doesn’t follow boxing or UFC, that I too was on the “It’s a farce” bandwagon.

But Conor McGregor held his own against Floyd Mayweather and the two of them gave fans and purists a good show. Shocking as it was, McGregor actually showed high boxing ability. He was so impressive, that all the people who predicted he wouldn’t have a chance should eat crow.

McGregor more than had a chance; he took Mayweather to ten hard-fought rounds.

Eventually fatigue overcame McGregor in the 10th round and he couldn’t handle Mayweather’s offensive onslaught. Mayweather connected on multiple shots that made McGregor back peddle and stumble until the referee called the match.


After the fight was over both boxers showed respect for each other, and although McGregor humbly accepted his defeat giving credit to Mayweather for his ‘composed’ boxing, he did question why the ref called it early.

“I thought the ref could have just let it keep going, let me go down. Let the man put me down.”

The reason the ref called it was obvious. Mayweather was getting the best of McGregor and if the fight had continued, he would have continued to get the best of him. However, McGregor is used to being brutally beaten in the octagon of the UFC and a hunch tells me he would have had it in him to keep going.

Nevertheless, the match was ended early but not before McGregor gained respect from naysayers and nonbelievers.

McGregor lasted longer than anyone expected; especially, considering he’s used to only fighting about 25 minutes in UFC matches. Not to mention the fact that early on McGregor looked to be getting the best of Mayweather. Conor connected on several hits in the beginning rounds and used his height to his advantage seemingly toying with Floyd.

But in the end, Mayweather’s 10th-round TKO makes him 50-0 in his career and eclipses Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record.

So for everyone who thought the boxer would win the boxing match, you were right.

But the MMA fighter boxed and was good at it. Good enough that he may try it again one day.


As for Mayweather, he say’s he’s done.

“This was my last fight tonight,” Mayweather said. “For sure. Tonight was my last fight. Tonight I chose the right dance partner to dance with.”

But the fight of the year was well worth the wait. Believe the hype, and give props to McGregor for his effort.

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