Frank “Nitty” Session is L.A.’s very own Superman

August 15, 2017

 By Asha Doucet

His name is Frank Session. He’s a baller, he’s an MVP, and now he’s a champion.

When you watch Frank Session play basketball something becomes immediately clear–he should be playing with the world’s elite in the NBA. He’s that good.

The Drew League has been around for 44 years. Today, it’s stronger than ever and is the West Coast’s best Pro-Am league, and right now the Drew belongs to Frank.

Prior to the tip off of the Drew League championship game, Session received the most valuable player award for the regular season. When he accepted the award, he already had one in his hand.

Members of the media snapped photos of Session holding two trophies because he was also the Drew League’s most valuable player last season. After the award ceremony, the back-to-back MVP led his team, Birdies Revenge, to their first Drew League title.

For anyone who’s been to a Drew game and seen Session, they know him as Frank Nitty aka Megadeath; or simply Nitty for short. On the Drew’s biggest stage Nitty did what he does best–he put his team on his back and got buckets. Nitty scored a game-high 35 points carrying Birdies Revenge to the chip.

But it’s not even Nitty’s ability to score at a high volume that makes him so impressive and so hard to take your eye’s off of. It’s that he controls the game and scores at will, and there’s nothing the opposition can do about it. As a spectator you just watch and you don’t dare blink or look away because you might miss something special.

Nitty plays with confidence, bravado, and a swagger that’s unmatched. When he’s on the court he doesn’t think he’s the best; he knows it, and he let’s everyone else know too.

(Shereen Rayan)

During the championship game Nitty talked trash to the opposing team’s bench well before the game was decided. But no matter how much he talked, he backed it up with his play. He even involved the crowd yelling toward the stands, “I should be in the league,” and telling those watching on the sideline that someone needed to, “Come help this [expletive]” when referencing a player on the HomeTown Favorites trying to guard him.

To the HomeTown Favorites’ credit, much of the championship game was close. But no matter how close it got, Nitty made a play to extend Birdies’ lead. When it was all said and done, Nitty guided Birdies Revenge to an undefeated season (16-0) for just the fourth time in Drew League history.

What makes Nitty’s revenge even sweeter, was that it came on a team without any NBA players on the roster. The Drew is famous for hosting some of the biggest names in basketball–like James Harden, Chris Paul and Nick Young who frequented Drew this season–but Birdies Revenge won it all without any of those guys or anyone else from the NBA.

After the Birdies’ win, Nitty was asked at what point in the game he knew it was over and that his team was going to win. His answer–Tipoff.

“I already knew it, off the rip.”

To know Frank Session is to know how hard he works, and that’s all before he even steps foot on a basketball court. Session has openly admitted he doesn’t practice much. Instead he spends time with his family and provides for his wife and children.

Session works a 9-to-5, six days a week as a manager at Verizon and calls himself a “regular guy.” But on the weekends he plays basketball and gets to be a superstar.

So when you see him ball out and outduel the competition, know it’s pure, raw, unfiltered talent that you’re watching.

(Shereen Rayan)

While celebrating his championship win, Nitty bragged to the cameras about his “35 bomb” and the fact that he hardly works on his game.

“I don’t work out, I just show up and ball.”

Despite a family and a full-time job that takes up most of his time, Nitty is still the best player when he steps on the court. But don’t take his lack of workout time as a sign of someone who doesn’t care. In a short documentary by Ball is Life and Nike, Nitty explained that basketball is a means of release. When he suits up on Saturdays and Sundays he let’s out everything from the week on the floor.

In the documentary Nitty expressed happiness with his family life, his work life and his basketball life. His story resembles Superman. He’s a manager by day and a baller by night, or weekend.

When Nitty laces them up, he puts on a cape and flys for the kids that come to the Drew to see him play. He goes after the NBA’s best and he beats them. In doing so he inspires a city. Although he may want to be seen as just a regular guy, he’s much more than that. He’s a hero–L.A.’s very own Superman.


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