Do the Cavaliers now have enough to compete with the Warriors?

August 23, 2017

By Justin Batiste

After the Blockbuster trade between the Cavaliers and Celtics, will the Warriors’ chances of winning another championship drop?

Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers have Isaiah Thomas as their point guard instead of Kyrie Irving and Jae Crowder as a forward option, how good can the Cavaliers be this year? Should they now be considered the favorites to win the championship?

Well, in the East the Cavaliers are still the top dogs. The Celtics were getting close but defensively they took a step back after the trade, and their offense isn’t good enough to simply outscore teams. So, the Cavaliers should still be the favorite coming out of the East.

But the Finals is a different story.

Cleveland improved offensively and defensively but do they have enough to beat the Golden State Warriors? The short answer–no.

We already know that Kevin Durant and Lebron James will go at it, but I think Thomas and Stephen Curry will be the focal point of the finals.

Last season Irving matched up perfectly with Curry because they were basically the same size. But now Curry will have a much shorter PG guarding him, which will allow Curry to have a better look at the basket, and the last thing you want is for Curry to have more of an advantage shooting.

In the past, Curry has been known to take over a game or a series with his three-point dominance and his elite ball handling, and this year’s Finals may be another one where he does just that.

The fact that Crowder and Thomas have no Finals experience will play a huge part in this potential match up and it will be interesting to see how well they perform.

If there is a fourth-straight Finals between the Cavs and Warriors it will be another good one. I see it going six games but I think the Warriors still have the upper hand this year.

If Cleveland is able to acquire Dwayne Wade this season as well, then we’ll potentially have a seven-game series. And the way things are looking it’s definitely possible for Wade to be playing alongside his buddy LeBron James once again. This off-season has been interesting and I have a feeling that there is more blockbuster news to come.

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