Metta World Peace so entertaining on Lip Sync battle on eve of the NBA Draft

June 22, 2017

Metta World Peace, a Queensbridge New York Native took on Skylar Astin, an actor, and singer who is known for his role on Pitch Perfect one and two, on Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle show and it was fantastic!

You I go nuts for anything that happens in this world with my FLOAT, favorite Laker of all time. So I could not resist writing about this latest appearance on Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle.

In round one, the first song Metta chose was Insane in the Membrane, because, “I’m kinda crazy, you know what I mean?” said Peace.

In round two, the two contestants step it up a notch…both were worried about crapping their pants, haha.

There is choreography, costumes, make-up, and pressure, “It’s going to be on point, just like Michael Jackson, ” said Peace, “It’s like all about the fourth quarter, game seven, I hope that I don’t crap my pants when I get out there,”

Peace performed to Katy Perry’s Roar!  “This is definitely a miniskirt, they trying to say it’s not, it’s a miniskirt!”

Astin dressed up in drag like Fergie and sang Milk Money. It wasn’t pretty but he won, probably because it took more guts? Who knows. But Metta had a great time and just wanted to get out of his miniskirt.

Metta World Peace will be on TV tonight analyzing the 2017 NBA Draft. He thinks the Lakers choose Ball No. 2, I think there is a major trade and Ball will not be a Laker, but we will see!

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