NFL Week 1 Recap: Everything you need to know

September 14, 2017


By Eric Brown and Skyler Carlin


Week 1 of the NFL season is finally over. It was a long seven months off, but football is back! Let’s recap every game during the first week.

New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs

Coming into this game, everybody and their mother chose the New England Patriots to win this one–and quite handily. It didn’t pan out that way as the Chiefs had other plans. Alex Smith played the game of his career–in Foxborough of all places. Not many quarterbacks have good games in Gillette Stadium let alone their best ever.

When Spencer Ware went down with an injury during the preseason, all the hype moved to Kareem Hunt, a rookie out of Toledo University. Hunt was a stud at Toledo, never fumbling the ball in his time there.

We all knew his college numbers wouldn’t translate to the NFL but we didn’t know it would be so soon that he fumbled, which he did on his first professional carry. The good thing is, he bounced back rather well. He would go on to finish the game with 17 carries for 148 yards and a touchdown. On the receiving side, he chipped in 5 catches for 98 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Final Score: Kansas City Chiefs 42 – New England Patriots 27

New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills

It pains me to even write this as not even the fans of these respective teams cared that much about this game. The Jets are as abysmal as they have ever been. Currently, they’re starting 38-year-old Josh McCown, a career journeyman, who is no way, shape or form the answer in New York.

If the team had a better option to throw out there, they would. Considering their only other QBS are Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg, it is apparent that the Jets are content on riding this season out with Josh McCown in order to get one of the top QB’s in next year’s draft.

This was not a fun game to watch. The only excitement during the entire contest was LeSean McCoy, who once again proves to be one of the top runners in the entire NFL. Tyrod Taylor continues to impress the casual fans with his mobility, and his ability to make throws across his body while on the run.

During the preseason, the Bills made trade after trade after trade. The new regime is intent on getting rid of any player that they do not believe in. One of those trades was getting rid of Ronald Darby in exchange for Jordan Matthews. In his first game with the Bills, Matthews finished with 61 yards, including a long of 47.

If you can find one person, outside of a die hard Bills fan, that said Buffalo would be in first place in the AFC East after week 1, we would love to meet them.

Final Score: Buffalo Bills 21 – New York Jets 12

Atlanta Falcons vs Chicago Bears

In a game that was expected to be a blowout, the Bears somehow made it close. The contest was only tight because of a running back, no not Jordan HowardTarik Cohen. Raise your hand if you had Cohen being the leading rusher for the Bears. Now put it down if you raised it; you’re lying.

Maybe it was a Superbowl hangover but if this game was against any other team, the Falcons would have likely lost.

Austin Hooper was the MVP of the match; he had one of the week’s top plays. On a long down, he managed to get free when Matt Ryan found him wide open after avoiding a sack. Hooper then threw a devastating stiff arm on his defender and went on to reach the end zone.

Coming into the season, the Falcons were picked by many to make a return to the SuperBowl where they blew a 28-3 lead last year against the Patriots. Yes, there are plenty of memes out there, but it’s just too funny not to make fun of.

Final Score: Atlanta Falcons 23 – Chicago Bears 17

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