Opening night wasn’t all bad for the New York Knicks

October 20, 2017

By Justin Batiste

Forward Kristaps Porzingis speaks volumes with his play last night!

Although the New York Knicks got blown out by the Oklahoma City Thunder last night, they have something to hang their hat on–Kristaps Porzingis. The Thunder defeated the Knicks 105-84, but Porzingis played well for New York in their loss.

Winning is the most important but the Knicks are a rebuilding team going up against, arguably, the second-best team in the West in OKC.

Did anyone really expect New York to win?

Porzingis finished with a double-double, shooting an efficient 11-25 from the field, with a game-high 31 points and 12 rebounds.

What makes Porzingis so special is the fact that he’s a skilled fearless player who wants to be great, and that’s what the Knicks need from their young star. Porzingis is someone New York can build around.

In his first game without Carmelo Anthony (on the road, against OKC) Porzingis gave the Thunder 30 points.

Not only does it show the amount of work Porzingis has been putting into his game, but it shows his toughness.

Porzingis’ work ethic is good for the Knicks culture. Porzingis also has the potential to become a good passer in the NBA. As of now he’s averaging only 1.4 apg for his career but this season that average will increase.

Porzingis has a high basketball IQ. He shows patience on the court, and he’s never in a rush when playing. He moves at his own pace. As the season goes on he’ll continue to adjust to the pace of the game and see it a lot slower, which will enhance his decision making, allowing him to become a better passer.

Porzingis will also draw a lot of double teams this season.

Thursday night, OKC double teamed Porzingis in the post a few times and he turned the ball over. However, he’ll improve on passing out of a double team.

Porzingis is due for a big season. An all-star appearance and a most improved player award is in his near future.

The next step for the Knicks will be surrounding Porzingis with better talent.

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