Rams Head Coach Sean McVay says Todd Gurley “capable” of being a receiver in the backfield

August 9, 2017

The Los Angeles Rams’ offense will look a lot different under Head Coach Sean McVay, which will begin to use running back Todd Gurley as a wide receiver

The Rams were ranked last in offense and points in the NFL last season and Head Coach Sean McVay intends to turn that around. One way is through the development of second-year QB Jared Goff and the other is by running a more varied offense.

McVay will attempt to make L.A. less predictable than they were a year ago. You can expect to see running back Todd Gurley featured in the Rams’ passing attack a lot this season to accomplish that. And just because teams can expect to see Gurley used as a wide receiver doesn’t mean they’ll be able to anticipate it from play to play.

Gurley is still primarily a running threat, which opposing teams must respect. That makes his ability to catch passes from Goff so important to L.A.

In a training camp press conference, McVay spoke about when he’ll use Gurley as a wide receiver threat.

“I think it’ll be to be determined by game plan, but I think what you do realize is (RB) Todd (Gurley) is certainly capable of that. He’s definitely a complete back, I think he’s motivated in the right way. I can’t say enough about what he’s done right now and the challenge, just like anything else is, ‘Can we continue to sustain that over time?’ That consistency that we’re striving for and Todd’s been a great example of that for our team so far.”

It’s clear McVay is high on Gurley’s versatility and his work ethic. Although Gurley’s use as a receiver will be determined game-to-game, the team is practicing with him in that role enough to suggest it’s an option the Rams will use often.

The first chance to see just how often will be in L.A.’s preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, August 12.


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