Round by Round Mayweather vs McGregor Prediction

August 26, 2017

By Eric Brown

Mayweather versus Mcgregor without a doubt will be a show, the main question everybody is wondering is, will it be a good show?

As we are just mere hours away from the biggest fight since Floyd Mayweather himself took on Manny Pacquiao back in 2015, a fight that let us all down. If history means anything, no way that this fight will be any better. Mayweather is arguably one of the best boxers in the sports’ history, holding a 49-0 record. Connor McGregor is on top of the UFC world unquestionably but will his game translate to the square ring? Let’s take a look at our Round by Round prediction.

Round 1: Let the games begin, the two come out of their corners. Refusing to touch gloves. Drama already. McGregor is pissed. Fuming. Is that steam coming from his ears? No, that’s the heat off Mayweather’s gloves everytime he has hit Connor in the head. Money Team should win this first round easily, not many punches will be thrown.

Punches Thrown: Mayweather 47 McGregor 26

Punches Landed: Mayweather 36 McGregor 11

Round 2: After Connor loses the first round, he’s going to come out angry. Looking to prove a point this fight is not all about the money. He lands a shot on Mayweather, makes him stumble. THE CROWD SCREAMS. It was only one punch. BUT WAIT. HE DOES IT AGAIN. Mayweather appears to be fuming at this point. Angry that he’s being shown up by a measly UFC Fighter. They go back to their corners, screaming at each other from across the ring.

Punches Thrown: Mayweather 35 McGregor 58

Punches Landed: Mayweather 13 McGregor 29

Round 3: Through 2 rounds, Connor is somehow inexplicably winning this fight. Mayweather sees that this fight could slip out of his grasp if he’s not careful. Trying to prove a point Floyd lunges at Connor multiple times, connecting on a few. He’s pumping up the crowd in the meantime, making the Irishman look like a fool. McGregor pissed charges Floyd. The ref does not intervene.

Punches Thrown: Mayweather 47 McGregor 33

Punches Landed: Mayweather 30 McGregor 14


Round 4: Mcgregor is already getting winded, clearly losing his breath and his patience with the fight. He tries for the final kisser. Mayweather hits him. MCGREGOR FALLS. He gets up after a 6 count, close, but no cigar. He tries one final time to finish Floyd but fails. Mayweather begins to pummel him. Connor is saved by the bell.

Punches Thrown:  Mayweather 76 McGregor 23

Punches Landed: Mayweather 55 McGregor 8

Round 5: Clearly toying with Connor at this point, Mayweather does McGregor’s patented walk around the ring. Humiliating McGregor. With all his might, he throws one punch at Floyd with everything he has left, he misses. Falling to the ground. Floyd gets ready for the final blow. One punch to the temple and Connor is out. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. It’s ALL OVER.

Punches Thrown: Mayweather 35 McGregor 11

Punches Landed: Mayweather 25 McGregor 3

Now that the fight is over, we can all go back to our daily lives of not caring about either of these two fighters. They’ll both make over $100 million but there is only one true winner–HBO.

Millions of people around the country will have bought the fight but at least now that it’s over, we can focus our attention on a REAL fight. Canelo versus GGG.

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