Sean McVay, Rams looking ahead to Houston in Week 10

November 7, 2017

By Asha Doucet

The Los Angeles Rams are winning games by taking it one week at a time. Now they look ahead to the Houston Texans in Week 10.

Sean McVay has revitalized the Rams organization through great coaching in the first half of the NFL season. One way he keeps his team prepared is by focusing on their games one Week at a time.

In a press conference ahead of Week 10, McVay called the NFL a “week-to-week business” and said that his team had to be ready to go otherwise they would be humbled by their opponents.

McVay spoke in detail about L.A.’s focus looking forward:

“I think the players are bought in they believe in it..the thing that we are encouraged with right now Jim is when you look at the last two games we’ve played in there’s been a good performance really we like we’ve put all three phases together and if we can continue to do that we’ll give ourselves a chance to compete and try to come away with some wins but we’re focusing on Houston Texans now.”

When asked if guys believe the hype the Rams head coach further explained the team’s week-to-week mentality.

“For us right now it’s about finding a way to play a really good ninth game of the season for us because that’s what it is. If we do good things there and come away with the result that we want then we’ll worry about what’s next after that.”

L.A. is 6-2 looking to move to 7-2 but McVay won’t let his team get too far ahead of themselves. As long as they hold onto this hyper-focused week-to-week formula they’ll be working with a winning system.  

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