The 2017-2018 NBA schedule has finally been released!

August 16, 2017

Looking over this season’s NBA schedule the best game may be opening night!

Looking over the NBA schedule that was released yesterday, the best game in my opinion, may be the opening night game that will feature the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. This summer has been crazy for the Rockets with the addition of Chris Paul, trade talks concerning Carmelo Anthony, and questions regarding whether Paul and James Harden can play together.

Personally, I think the experiment will work.

With the star power of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Harden and Paul in the same game, it will be the most exciting to open the season.

What makes this game even better is not just the star power of that will be present, but the fact that this could be a potential Western Conference Finals match up. Therefore, both teams will come out with a chip on their shoulder ready to prove something to the world.

The Warriors want to prove that they’re still the best team in the NBA and that they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon. They know that even though everyone is saying they’re going to win another championship if they lose the opening night game it will create speculation about their focus to do so.

But there’s no question, however, that the Rockets have a bigger chip on their shoulder.

Paul and Harden want to prove that they can make the Houston back court work, and they’ll be able to show us just that opening night against the best team in the league.

So even though it will just be the first game of the season, I’m expecting this opening night matchup to be very intense.

Of course, I have the Warriors pulling out the win but not in blowout fashion. I predict Golden State pulling out an eight-point win in a high scoring game. The NBA season is only two months away and I can’t wait!

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