What could determine if LeBron leaves or stays in Cleveland next season?

December 12, 2017

By Justin Batiste

Why is this season so important for the Cavaliers?

After this season Cleveland Cavaliers small forward LeBron James will be entering free agency. This will be the second time in James career where he’ll have to choose between his hometown team, the Cavaliers, and the team that gives him the best chance to catch Michael Jordan in championships. James in his career has been very adamant about catching Jordan, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he decides to leave Cleveland again.

I’m not for superstars joining other superstars to win titles, but this is the trend now. It’s all about winning, and the team that has the most superstars normally has the best chance of winning. So, it’s basically something that has to be done if superstars want to have any chance of winning titles.

LeBron started this in 2010, then Kevin Durant last season, and this season it was Paul George, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony. Well, New York didn’t want Anthony, so he had to leave. As for George and Paul they could have stayed. But due to how the NBA is set up now, the two had to leave their respective teams.

With that being said, What could determine if LeBron leaves or stays in Cleveland next season?

LeBron’s decision to stay or leave Cleveland next season will be determined on how the Cavaliers play in the finals this season. If the Cavaliers look as if they have no business of being on the same court as the Warriors, he leaves. If the series goes to a game 7, he’ll consider staying. If they win of course he stays. Before James decided to leave and go back to Cleveland in 2014, James was carrying a lot of the load in that final series against the Spurs. If James has to do that again in the finals, there’s a good chance Cleveland won’t see their superstar in a Cavaliers jersey next season.

James is aware that he’s aging, and making it to the finals isn’t enough for him anymore. If he goes he wants to win, point blank. If LeBron doesn’t feel like he can win a title in Cleveland, he’ll take his talents elsewhere, and Houston isn’t a bad place to go. James Harden, Chris Paul and LeBron James on the same team can be lethal to every team in the NBA including the Warriors.

The Rockets are already first in the west right now, and they finished third in the West last season. With the addition of LeBron James and that Rockets supporting cast, this Rockets team can be a threat to the Warriors. Houston gives LeBron the best chance to beat the Warriors.

Although, Harden, Paul, and James are all ball dominant players. The Rockets will still have three great players all on the same team. LeBron and Paul will also be able to rest more, making them more effective come playoff time. Harden is in his prime right now, and is highly capable of carrying the Rockets through the regular season. I could see LeBron definitely going here, but this season will determine a lot. It’s vital for the Cavaliers to have a good season for the sake of keeping LeBron.

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