Winners and Losers from Week 2 of the NFL

September 19, 2017


By Asha Doucet

Two weeks down, fifteen more to go. Here is a look at winners and losers from Week 2 of the NFL.

The season is young but the good and the bad are already rolling. Some teams and players bounced back from less than stellar performances in Week 1 while some came crashing down from a high.

Then there are teams and players that are still cruising (so far) and those still sinking.

From Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and Michael Crabtree and the Oakland Raiders to Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys and Eli Manning and the New York Giants, there were major winners and losers in Week 2 of NFL action.

Some teams predictably did well while others inexplicably continue to struggle. One thing that stands out so far is that many teams that looked like preseason favorites have already dropped a game.

But instead of focusing on surprising records just two weeks in, let’s focus on those individual players and teams that thrived and those that were crushed.

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