Winners and Losers from Week 7 of the NFL

October 25, 2017

By Asha Doucet

Week 7 of the NFL is in the books and as always there were big winners and major losers.

It feels like the football season just started but we’re almost halfway through the year. Week 8 is upon us but before we make it there we must review the winners and losers from Week 7.

It seems to be the narrative of the NFL this season that starting QBs are suffering serious and even season-ending injuries. (Maybe it’s the league dealing with some cosmic Colin Kaepernick karma but I digress).

In Week 7  another big-time QB went down and a player no one has ever heard of was signed in his place.

Week 7 was also a week of some seriously lopsided scores. I’m talking low scoring games and even no scoring games.

But mixed in with the bad, the strange and the downright unlucky was some good as well. Let’s take a closer look back at the winners and losers from Week 7 before heading into Week 8.

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