Jared Goff embraces leadership role in Rams training camp

July 30, 2017

In the second day of Los Angeles Rams training camp, second-year quarterback Jared Goff is embracing his role as a leader.

The quarterback position is the most important in football, and great quarterbacks are those that embrace all that it embodies. Being a leader is the most essential attribute of a quarterback outside of accuracy. Second-year QB Jared Goff seems to understand that already as he led the way for the Rams on the second day of training camp.

Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times reports that Goff was the first player on the field at UC Irvine for L.A., and was warming up while the rest of the team made their way to the field. Goff then asserted himself to the front of the line for team warm ups and took the lead of the huddle.

Klein reports that Goff missed passes in practice just as he completed passes, but it was the way he took charge and assumed the leadership role that was most impressive.  

Goff told Klein:

“That’s [leadeship] a big deal,” he said, “just knowing I’m the guy that they’re going to look to. It is my team to lead and my team to direct and control and command.  “I don’t take that lightly.”

Goff seems to have the right mindset heading into his first full season as the Rams’ starter. That makes things a lot easier for Head Coach Sean McVay, a first-timer in his own right, who has one less thing to worry about. He can focus on helping Goff develop mechanically and on prepping the rest of his roster for their season opener.

Many quarterbacks are talented but leadership is an intangible that can’t be measured. It seems Goff is already wired with the leadership traits necessary to succeed in the NFL. As long as he continues those habits he can count on the group of men behind him to give him everything they’ve got.

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