Launch of In The Front Row

December 2, 2016


I am so excited to launch this show with Chris Camello, we met covering the Los Angeles D-Fenders games this last season when the D-Fenders made it all the way into the finals and fell to the the Souix Falls team…whatever their name is.

It was great getting to know Vander Blue, Justin Hawkins, Ryan Gomes, Andre’ Ingram and Josh Magette, all true professionals who love to play the game of basketball and in our opinion should be called up.

We hope to cover them this summer in Las Vegas at the Summer League.

I am going to attend the SMWW NBA conference in early July and I cannot wait to meet more NBA professionals.

I want to thank our producers Guillermo Angeles, Akili Tate and Garrett Kynard, our Website developer David Ashe, our Social Media Director Corrinn Lavi and our Finance Manager Leah Lavi for all their hard work and dedication to ITFR.

As I say hello to Chris and am so excited about what we can do with this platform at In The Front Row (so many plans), we say goodbye for now, to McCall Hall and wish her all the best of luck in her endeavours, we hope we cross paths again to collaborate, but until then, we will be watching her succeed doing what she loves to do best.

I want to personally thank McCall, Richard Karr, Illya Daily, Robert LaMar and WDC along with Marsha Witecha for giving me my start in Sports Talk at LA Talk Live, will always be in debt to them and hope to join them in the future for whatever we conjure up!

If you haven’t yet, check out their show, it’s a lot of fun!

Until then, BEARDOWN! Go Lakers! And Go D-Fenders!
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Love and Sports,
Shereen Rayan

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